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How to get Johnny's (JE) concert tickets through the fan-club postal form

*Please note that I am not volunteering to get tickets for you in any way shape or form. I am simply telling you how to get tickets.

In general, the only official way to get tickets is to apply using your fanclub membership. The only way to join the fanclub is to have a Japanese address. For more information, see this article.

If you have a fanclub membership, usually (but not always) the Johnny's office will send out a form for you to fill in with the correct information to apply for concerts. If they do not send a form you will need to grab an aoi furikomi from the post office and fill in the required information. Whatever they send you should tell you what you need to fill in.  Otherwise you can get the information by logging in to your account at the Family Club site.  (see below for how to apply with a blank furikomi form)

Each concert tour is different, but for most, you can apply for your first, second and third choice. The information they send you will give you a code for each show – the date and then which show of the day it is usually, followed by a letter. So, a code of 06121, would be the first show on June 12.

Remember that each fanclub has a different letter that comes before the fanclub number.
E: Shonentai
K: KinKi Kids
V: V6
A: Arashi
T: Takki and Tsubasa
Y: You&J (NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN)

So, a You&J membership would be Y00123456 and a KinKi Kids would be K00123456.

You can usually only apply one time per tour (there are a number of exceptions - you will need to check the info that comes with the application). For many events you can apply for up to 4 tickets. For some it is only 2. All of this information is included with the stuff that the Johnny's office sends you.  Sometimes, you can apply for 2 tickets for one show, and then put in a ballot for 2 tickets at another.  I have ever hit for both shows by doing this, however.

For most events, once you have filled out the form, you will need to head down to the post office to pay. There are two fees – one that the Johnny's office includes when you write the cost of the ticket, and one that the post office adds on. After you have sent off your information and paid, you will wait to be told to call and check on tickets. This can take only a few weeks, or it can take much longer.

After you call about your tickets, you should receive them around 2 weeks before the event, usually. If you did not hit, you will receive a refund at that time.

Occasionally if they don't sell out for all of the shows you can buy tickets through public sales via PLAYGUIDE or Ticket PIA. These tickets are purchased at convenience stores. Sometimes the Johnny's office will have a sale open only for fanclub members as well, if needed. In that case they will E-mail fanclub members with that information.

If you can apply for more than one venue, or if you do not have one of the forms provided by the fanclub, you will need to fill out the information on your own.

At the top, write the account number for the concert (will be included with the packet they sent you, or on the fanclub site).  DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING WHERE I PUT AN "X"  Also, write the number on the right hand side (this part is returned to you as a receipt if you pay inside the post office).

Write the total cost at the top and on the right hand side.

The payee will usually be the group name plus コンサート事務局.  Write it at the top and on the right.

Next you will need to number and write your information.
  1. The name of the concert or event, whatever it is you are applying to.
  2. Your fanclub membership number: Letter plus 8 digits
  3. Number of tickets
  4. Total cost (cost per ticket X number of tickets + 500 yen fee = total).  It is best to write it out like that.
  5. Your phone number
  6. The shows you are balloting for.  This can either go on the right hand side (as shown above) or under number 5.
  7. Your address.  Make sure to put your postal code in the space provided.
  8. Your name (as it is on your membership information)
  9. Your phone number (the number you used when you joined the fanclub)
On the right side it is required to write your name and address.  You can write other information (sometimes they require it, sometimes it is up to you).  If you pay at the ATM you will not get this slip back, but it will be printed on the receipt.

Now you wait until time to call!

last updated February 1, 2011


  1. hello... :)
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    i've got 2 tickets for arashi live tour, should i write my name and my friend's name in the furikomi form, or just me as representative?
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